How to Choose Brandy?

Answer Brandy is not the type of liquor that you just run to the local liquor store and pick up. You should do some research to find out what appeals to you.

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Whats the difference between wine, beer, whisky, rum, brandy, gin, brandy & which is the best?

Wine is fermented, beer is brewed and spirits like whisky, rum, brandy and gin are usually distilled. Distilling is extremely dangerous so in most countries it is illegal to distill spirits withou... Read More »

Should Brandy go to JAIL?

No she shouldn't go to jail, it was an accident and the experience was probably traumatic for her and she probably feels terrible, I think that should be enough.

What is cognac&brandy?

Brandy and Cognac are alcoholic distillates derived from the fermentation of grapes. Technically, "cognac" is brandy from the Cognac region, hence the name. Cognac is considered a higher-quality br... Read More »

Is cognac brandy?

According to the Drinks Mixer website, cognac is a French brandy made through distilling white wine. In fact, the website uses the term "aged cognac brandy" when describing Napoleon brandy.Source:D... Read More »