How to Choose Between Renting an Apartment and Owning a Home?

Answer You’ve probably heard this before: if you’re making a monthly rent payment, as opposed to a monthly mortgage payment, you’re essentially throwing your money away. Well, as common as the sayin... Read More »

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How to Choose Between a College Dorm or Apartment?

For the first time in your life, you have to live on your own. Depending on the college, you may choose to live in a dorm or an apartment. For most four year colleges, it is required to live in the... Read More »

Can I File Taxes If I'm Renting an Apartment?

Congress uses tax law in order to generate revenue for the federal government and promote certain social actions -- like saving for retirement -- that it deems important. It is the job of the Inter... Read More »

How to See the Value in the Apartment You're Renting?

Finding the right apartment can be tough. There are so many apartments out there, and there are so many factors that go into your decision in choosing which one to call home. The key is to look for... Read More »

How to Negotiate Price When Renting an Apartment?

When you start searching for an apartment to rent, you will notice that most advertised units come with an established amount of rent that you will be expected to pay. However, if you find the perf... Read More »