How to Choose Between Best Friends?

Answer Do you have a problem with two friends? Sometimes, jealousy can cause difficulties in friendships, so if you have to choose between best friends, here are some things to consider.

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What does mutual friends mean on facebook and do you choose the friends to be in this or is it random?

Mutual friends are friends in common. You can't really pick. You have bob as your friend, and so does another person, and you and that other person have a mutual friend.

What is the different between "Friends" and "Friends except acquaintances"?

there are some default lists you can add people to... restricted list, close friends list, acquaintances listso if you havent added anyone to your acquaintances list, then both of those settings wo... Read More »

If you had to choose between a hotdog, hamburger or hotwings what would you choose and why would you choose it?

Though i don't agree with how the chicken is slaughtered and what it goes through to end up in front of me. i Love chicken, chicken wings would be my absolute favorite. when chicken wings aren't av... Read More »

If you had to choose between apple pie or german chocolate cake for a dinner party, which one would you choose?

German Chocolate Cake for me and pie for everyone else(keep your mitts offa my cake)