How to Choose Annuities?

Answer A tax-deferred annuity is an investment offered by insurance companies through various types of financial advisers. There are different annuity options to meet the investment objectives of differen... Read More »

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Do annuities run out after 10 years?

The length of time annuity proceeds are paid out can vary. The payments can be spread out over the lifetime of the recipient, or can be received for a predetermined amount of time, such as a specif... Read More »

Are annuities taxable?

There are several types of annuities, and yes, they are taxable. Annuities are attractive as tax-deferred savings vehicles with insurance-like properties. They use an insurance policy to provide th... Read More »

Taxation of IRA Annuities?

IRA annuities are one option you have when deciding how to save money for retirement. IRA annuities are annuities that are purchased inside of IRA accounts. These annuities function like any other ... Read More »

Taxation of Immediate Annuities?

An immediate annuity is a contract with an insurance company to provide a lifetime or fixed period income to the annuitant. The contract buyer, or annuitant, gives the insurance company a lump sum ... Read More »