How to Chlorinate a Well?

Answer Having your own well provides you with a free source of fresh water. Over time, however, the well can become contaminated with bacteria and other harmful pathogens. One effective treatment for this... Read More »

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How do I chlorinate a hot tub or spa?

Getting StartedFill your hot tub or spa with the appropriate level of water and allow the water to reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit.Test StripsDip hot tub and spa testing strips into the water.Add Chemi... Read More »

How do I chlorinate above ground pools?

Chlorinating Above Ground PoolsTest your pool water with a chlorine testing strip once a week. If the test kit indicates your pool needs more chlorine, add the chlorine in small amounts and spread ... Read More »

How much liquid chlorine is needed to super-chlorinate a pool?

Normal levels of chlorine in a pool should be between 1 and 3 parts per million (ppm) for proper sanitization. Pools have differing sizes. Instead of a adding a set amount of liquid chlorine to sup... Read More »