How to Chip Your Wii?

Answer A Wii modification chip or modchip is used by Nintendo Wii enthusiasts for a variety of reasons. Install a modification chip so that you can backup data to DVD-R or DVD-RW, play imported games, or... Read More »

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For a memory chip size of 4096 by 8 how many pages is on the chip?

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How do you upload pictures from your camera chip to your PC?

Can you get a chip on your teeth if you bite your nails?

Yes and no... If you brush your teeth regularly and they're strong it's unlikely that biting your nails would cause this... However, if you don't brush regularly, your teeth can become weak and if ... Read More »

How to Get a Chip in Your Wii?

A mod chip, or chip, is a small electronic device that you can install into your Nintendo Wii console to boost the performance of the unit and ultimately unlock other functions of the device, such ... Read More »