How to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend When Her Grandmother Died?

Answer The death of a grandparent can bring with it an assortment of emotions. If the girl you love has the unfortunately unavoidable misfortune of losing her grandmother, being there to support her and c... Read More »

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What age was Oprah when her grandmother died?

i don't know put i think when Oprah Winfrey was 56

How to Cheer up Your Girlfriend?

When your girlfriend is upset or down in the dumps, it can affect both how she acts around you and the relationship overall. This is usually a small rut that passes in a few hours or a day or two, ... Read More »

How to Cheer up Your Teenage Girlfriend when She's Upset?

If your girlfriend's parents are getting divorced, or there's been a death in her family, she's probably feeling very upset, confused and vulnerable right now. And with all the drama and fuss that ... Read More »

Can you move in with your grandmother at age 17 if you're pregnant and fear the environment you are in because your father's girlfriend is verbally abusing and threatening you?

AnswerBe sure to discuss your plans with your grandmother first and be sure she is able to care for you. It costs money to take in anyone and then there will be a baby on the way.Yes, you can go to... Read More »