How to Check/Refill the Battery Electrolyte in a VW Passat?

Answer If you have a newer Volkswagen Passat, you most likely have a maintenance-free, or sealed battery in your vehicle. If you have an older model, or if the dealer replaced your battery under warranty... Read More »

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What is the electrolyte in a car battery made of?

Automotive batteries are not all alike and, thus, use different electrolytes. Most are lead-acid, some are nickel-metal-hydride, some are lithium-ion. Lead-acid batteries use sulfuric acid; nicke... Read More »

How to Replace an Electrolyte in a Car Battery?

Although many car batteries look different, the vast majority of them operate in the same way. Car batteries use lead and an acid solution, also referred to as an electrolyte, to turn stored chemic... Read More »

How to Check a Car Battery's Electrolyte Level?

A traditional 12-volt battery allows you to check and refill the electrolyte level within the battery. You can discern whether you have this traditional battery design by looking at the battery its... Read More »

How to Check and Refill the Battery Electrolyte in a VW Jetta?

The Volkswagen Jetta derives its name from jet streams, and it lives up to this name as an upscale car that's easy to drive. To make sure your battery is functioning as it should in your Jetta, you... Read More »