How to Check to See What IP Addresses Are Used on Your Network?

Answer An IP, or internet protocol, address is a unique number given to a device on a network. If you have a home or office network, you may wish to assign a static or unchanging IP address to a device. I... Read More »

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How to Find IP Addresses for My Network?

Your computer obtains an IP address from the local router when you are connected to a local network. If other computers are also connected to this network, they will have IP addresses as well. You ... Read More »

Do IP addresses vary between computers using the same network?

To answer your "Aditional details" section:As both computers might access the Internet though the same router, only one public address is shown on the Net. When those computers access the same webs... Read More »

Is it possible to have separate email addresses on a wireless network?

my husband and i have 2 pcs on wireless my broadband supplier is ntl on my pc i have my ntl email and on mine he has his ntl email set up on his ,if you are both reading emails of each other you ei... Read More »

How to Check the Web Addresses Visited on a Computer?

A Web browser -- the software application that allows you to view websites -- saves a record of sites and pages you and other users have visited online. The history feature of browsers such as Inte... Read More »