How to Check the Water Pump on a Car?

Answer A vehicle's water pump is a very important part of the vehicle's cooling system. It circulates engine coolant throughout the engine and radiator to remove the excess heat produced by the engine. ... Read More »

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How to Check to See If Water Pump Is Bad?

Water pumps push coolant through a vehicle's cooling system, using a fan belt or a timing belt. Water pumps can become faulty over time. There are usually signs that it's going bad. If the problem ... Read More »

How to Check a Sea Water Pump on an 8.1 MerCruiser?

Spending a weekend checking the seawater pump on an 8.1-liter MerCruiser boat engine probably isn't the way you want to spend your weekend, but it requires an annual inspection. The project appears... Read More »

How to Check Auto Water Pump Problems?

The water pump is vital to your vehicle's cooling system. The water pump is powered by the engine and it sends coolant from the radiator to the engine and then back again. When a water pump begins ... Read More »

How to Check a Ford Ranger Water Pump?

The water pump on your vehicle is the heart of the cooling system. If the pump fails and stops circulating coolant, your engine will stop soon thereafter. The two main ways a pump fails are leaks a... Read More »