How to Check the Updates Needed for XP and Acrobat?

Answer You should periodically check for updates for both Windows XP and Adobe Acrobat software through their respective interfaces. Windows XP provides updates through the Windows Update application, whi... Read More »

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Are XP updates really needed?

On One Hand: Windows XP Updates Provide Essential FixesUpdates for Windows XP provide essential fixes to bugs and security flaws that could otherwise inhibit your computer usage. Patches to securi... Read More »

How do I check for Adobe updates?

Open a Web browser on your computer and navigate to the Adobe product update Web page. (See Resources.) Select your Adobe product, for instance "Acrobat - Windows," in the drop-down list labeled "P... Read More »

How do I check a computer for updates?

Windows 7Click the "Start" button and then open "Control Panel." Open "System and Security" and then click "Check for updates." Windows Update presents options for viewing, downloading and installi... Read More »

How do I check for firmware updates?

Check Manually For UpdatesVisit your software's website to see if new firmware updates are available; software is often updated, and most updates are available for free. Follow the website's instru... Read More »