How to Check the Transmission Fluid on a C4?

Answer The C4 transmission is an automatic transmission introduced by Ford Motor Company in 1964. Appearing in a variety of their vehicles, especially hot rods, it is most notable for its use as the origi... Read More »

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How to Check the Transmission Fluid on a VT25E Transmission?

Checking the transmission in a Saturn Ion VT25E transmission is a necessary part of maintaining the health of the engine. The transmission fluid keeps the gears running smoothly and optimizes engin... Read More »

How to Check the Transmission Fluid on a VT25 E Transmission?

The VT25 E transmission is produced by Saturn and used in its vehicle model called the Ion. The transmission fluid needs to be checked every one to two weeks, along with all the other fluids, to en... Read More »

How to Check Transmission Fluid in a BMW?

If you're performing regular maintenance on your BMW, or if you suspect there's a leak, you'll need to check the transmission fluid. If the fluid level is low, one of the most common symptoms is th... Read More »

How to Check Your Transmission Fluid?

Checking the automatic transmission fluid level in your car is something every car owner should learn to do. Maintaining the proper transmission fluid level is important in keeping your transmissio... Read More »