How to Check the Timing on a Vehicle?

Answer When your vehicle isn't performing at its best, there are many things that could need fixing or adjusting. But if your car is feeling sluggish and burning a lot of fuel, it could be that the timing... Read More »

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How to Check the Timing on a Car?

If you experience a lack of power and fuel efficiency, your car's ignition timing might be off. That means the spark plugs are not firing at the correct times. Another symptom of bad ignition timin... Read More »

How to Check a Vehicle VIN?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique number that identifies each automobile that is manufactured. It serves to keep track of a vehicle's entire history. The VIN is used to look up ... Read More »

How to Check a Timing Chain?

A vehicle's timing chain plays an important role in keeping the engine in good order. It moves the rotor in the distributor and controls the cylinders. A timing chain might become loose if the belt... Read More »

How to Check Timing on a Dodge RAM?

To keep your Dodge RAM running in top shape, you may occasionally need to adjust the timing on the motor. A vehicle's engine is designed so that certain parts meet at regular intervals, which happe... Read More »