How to Check the Thickness of Brake Pads?

Answer Automotive brake technicians gauge the lifespan of brake pads by measuring the thickness of the pad material. Most pads begin with 5 to 7 mm of pad and require replacement when they fall below 3 mm... Read More »

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How to Measure the Thickness of Brake Pads?

Brake pad manufacturers include an indicator that produces a high-pitched squealing sound when it is time to change your brake pads. You cannot always rely on this signal as you may not always be a... Read More »

How to Check the Brake Pads on a Dually Truck?

A dual-rear-wheel truck, known as a dually, presents some unique challenges to anyone trying to perform maintenance on the rear brakes. The most obvious challenge is working around the dual wheels.... Read More »

How to Check Dirt Bike Brake Pads?

A dirt bike has its brakes mounted to a frame around the rotors on each wheel in clear view. You must check the brakes often to ensure you have the stopping power you need while riding. The caliper... Read More »

Ceramic Brake Pads Versus Asbestos Brake Pads?

Historically all brake pad formulations were based on asbestos. Health concerns over exposure to asbestos, combined with increased brake-system performance standards, have caused a decline in the u... Read More »