How to Check the TPS Voltage on a Chevy Truck?

Answer The TPS on a Chevrolet truck is the throttle position sensor. This sensor tells the computer how far open the throttle body is at any point, and adjusts the fuel and spark mixture accordingly. If t... Read More »

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How to Check the Alternator Voltage on a Chevy?

Alternator voltage, whether it relates to your Chevy or any other vehicle, receives it control from a voltage regulator. The regulator ensures that voltage to the electrical equipment in your Chevy... Read More »

How to Check Chevy Truck Codes?

If your Chevrolet truck is not running properly or the check engine light comes on, you may be able to determine what is wrong with it by checking the error codes in the truck's computer. Error cod... Read More »

How to Check the Oil Pressure on a 1995 Chevy Truck?

Checking the oil pressure on a 1995 Chevy truck involves removing the oil pressure sensor that operates the dashboard gauge and installing a mechanical gauge. It is not necessary to mount the gauge... Read More »

How to Check the Fuel Pressure on a 1990 Chevy Truck?

In the late 1980s General Motors introduced Throttle Body Fuel Injection. This system was a replacement for carburetors, and it quickly proved a reliable and trouble-free alternative that didn't re... Read More »