How to Check the Pinion Angle on a Silverado?

Answer The pinion angle on your Chevrolet Silverado is the angle of the axle pinion compared to the ground. From the factory, the pinion angle is set to optimize the angles between the transmission and ax... Read More »

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How to Check a Ring & Pinion?

The ring and pinion are automotive gears located on the rear end of a vehicle. The pinion gear is like a series of spiraling teeth that revolve around a spear-like pin. The ring gear is a round gea... Read More »

Gear and Pinion Contact Check Procedures?

The ring gear and pinion are important parts of the drivetrain, transfering power from the transmission into the drive shaft. The drive shaft turns the axle, providing the movement for an automobil... Read More »

How to Check for Bad Thermostat on a Silverado 2500?

The thermostat in the Chevy Silverado 2500 could fail in two different ways. First, it could fail in the closed position. This restricts fluid through the engine and causes overheating. Second, the... Read More »

How Do I Check My Yamaha Silverado's Motorcycle Oil?

Equipped with leather saddlebags and a large windshield, Yamaha's V-Star Silverado is ready for a long ride. Keeping the Silverado in good working order, however, requires a regular inspection of t... Read More »