How to Check the Inverse?

Answer When learning any subject, it is important to check your work. Usually this consists of double-checking your answers carefully to make sure they are correct. Unlike many subjects, however, math act... Read More »

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How to Inverse a 3X3 Matrix?

An article that explains the difficult task of finding the inverse of an 3x3 matrix in a simple manner. This has several uses, including solving various matrix equations.

Inverse ETF Risks?

A financial services company called ProShares created inverse ETFs in 2006 for investors who believe the stock market in general or at least a particular segment of the stock market is headed for l... Read More »

Why is formula 409 the inverse of Biosentry 904?

They are completely unrelated cleansers, and the inverse numbers are coincidental and mean nothing.Biosentry 904 is stronger than 409. Formula 409 is a commercial grade cleanser for general househ... Read More »

How to Do an Inverse Function on a TI89?

Solving inverse functions is a technique taught in high school algebra. You can use the TI-89's solver function with symbolic manipulation to help you solve inverse functions. A graphed inverse fun... Read More »