How to Check the Freon in AC Units?

Answer R-134a is the refrigerant found in most automotive AC units today. Procedures for checking the refrigerant level do not vary much from one to the other. The best way to check the refrigerant level ... Read More »

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How to Check the Freon in Your Car?

Freon is a fluid that is found in a car's air conditioning unit. It is also known as R-134a. A pressure gauge can measure the amount of Freon if used with the multiple hose connections in the unit.... Read More »

How to Check for a Freon Leak?

The air-conditioning system of your vehicle is a sealed system under high pressure. Over time, damage may occur to the system and create a leak. Not only is this leak harmful to the environment, bu... Read More »

How to Check Your Car at Home to See If Freon Is Needed?

Driving on a hot, humid day is much more enjoyable if you have a working air-conditioning unit in your vehicle. Over time and with excessive use, however, the refrigerant in your car may begin to d... Read More »

How do I check the Freon on a home ac unit?

Gather ToolsPurchase or rent a gauge manifold to check the refrigerant on a residential air conditioning (AC) compressor. These devises have two needle (or digital) gauges, each with an attached ho... Read More »