How to Check the Fluid on a Massey 165?

Answer Maintaining the fluid levels on your Massey 165 uses a similar process for each kind. Each fluid well contains a dipstick that allows you to easily measure the amount of fluid contained in the well... Read More »

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How Do I Check Hydraulic Fluid on a Massey Ferguson 1220 Tractor?

The Massey Ferguson 1220 is a small, 20-horsepower tractor used for many small jobs. It includes a hydraulic system for an optional loader, and a three-point hitch; the latter is used for raising ... Read More »

How to Check Your Transmission Fluid?

Checking the automatic transmission fluid level in your car is something every car owner should learn to do. Maintaining the proper transmission fluid level is important in keeping your transmissio... Read More »

How to Check Car Battery Fluid?

Your car battery is the power supply for all of the car's electronics and it starts the engine. Most car batteries are 12V and have 6 individual cells. Some car batteries have vent caps on the top ... Read More »

How to Check and Add Brake Fluid?

Check the brake fluid when you check the other fluids in your car (once a month) or if the brake light on the dashboard goes on. Low brake fluid level may indicate a leak in your brake's hydraulic ... Read More »