How to Check the Fan in an Acer Laptop?

Answer If the noise from the fan in your Acer laptop is louder than usual or irregular, there may be a problem with it. If you don't have the money to take the computer into a service tech, you can actual... Read More »

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Does acer make computers I'm thinking of getting an acer laptop.?

I never look at the brand name, who cares about getting the brand logo on your laptop cuz its pointless and shows nothing.If the laptop specifications are great, then go for it!

Should I buy an Acer laptop or an HP laptop?

I'd go for the HP of those two, but if you are really looking for good value, buy a Dell. I've had the greatest luck with them and they are very affordable, reliable and loaded with everything.Loretta

How to Connect an Acer Laptop to a TV?

Acer laptops feature a VGA (video graphics array) output port for hooking up an external computer monitor. This same port can also be used to connect a television, even if the TV does not have a VG... Read More »

How to Fix Acer Laptop Buttons?

Your Acer laptop is not immune to problems. The keyboard itself can get quite a workout, causing the keys or space bar to malfunction. They can either become stiff, not work when pushed or even fal... Read More »