How to Check the Drive Belt Tension?

Answer The drive belt operates all of the front engine accessories. These accessories include the alternator, power steering pump, water pump and the air conditioning compressor. As the belt is traveling ... Read More »

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How to Tension a Drive Belt?

The drive belt on a car is made from rubber and winds around a series of pulleys. Its purpose is to generate power for parts of the car like the battery or windscreen wipers. Most modern cars now h... Read More »

How to Check V-Belt Tension Calculation?

The V-belts on a vehicle or generator function as the driving mechanism to connect two or more pulleys. The driving pulley supplies the power to rotate the driven pulley, which usually consists of ... Read More »

How to Use a Drive Belt Tension Gauge?

Setting the proper tension on a drive belt is critical to it's proper functioning and longevity. Because drive belts are used to mechanically connect two or more rotating pulleys, the tension ... Read More »

How to Calculate Tension in a Drive Belt in Engineering Mechanics?

Drive belts supply reliable power transmission in a vast array of applications including industrial machines, power tools, appliances and transportation, to name just a few. Belts tend to be better... Read More »