How to Check the Drainage in a Washer?

Answer The washing machine inner tub where the clothes get cleaned fills and drains multiple times during a wash cycle. A pump is responsible for draining all of the water out between fills. Occasionally ... Read More »

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How to Check Battery Drainage?

A shorted or loose wire, or even a failed component in one of your vehicle's electrical circuits, may cause a drain in your battery, even when your ignition switch is off. If you find yourself with... Read More »

How to Check to See if a GE Washer Lid Switch Is Bad?

When the mechanical lid switch on a GE washing machine is defective or broken, the washer will often fail to spin or might not work at all. This is because the lid must be closed completely in orde... Read More »

How to Check a Magnetic Switch in a GE Washer?

GE Appliances is a division of the General Electric Company that manufactures appliances for residential customers. GE washing machines feature a safety component, known as a lid switch, that preve... Read More »

How to Check a Timer on a Maytag Washer?

Maytag is an appliance company founded over 100 years ago and known for its reliable and innovative products. One such product are its washing machines. As with all washing machines, the entire was... Read More »