How to Check the Credibility of Political Commentators?

Answer Now that the candidates have been picked, you'll need help making a final voting decision. Thankfully, you have political commentators to help you! What if you aren't sure if the commentator is a g... Read More »

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Was George Carlin one of the most astute political observers and social commentators / critics of our time?

i always admired his "tell it like it is" ability...pulled no punches & yet, through observation, with sometimes sarcasm or irony, found the edgy humor in the many absurd situations he showed us...... Read More »

What did the journalists or political commentators on the PBS News Hour say about the state of the union address?

Why commentators wear headphone?

Commentators wear headphones because they need to be able to hear their program and they also need to not hear the noise from the outside and interference.

What happened to BBC F1 commentators?

the spangler.i loved the tune so got it on single!