How to Check the Charge of a Dell Laptop's Battery?

Answer Do you have a Dell laptop but don't know how much charge it has? Can't turn the laptop on? Just about to go outside and wait for the taxi? This is help you with that task!

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What should i do to save my laptops battery charge?

1. reduce your screen brightness as much as possible2. use the power saving settings in Control Panel3. disable any wireless connection you are not using

How to Charge a New Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery?

How long does it take for a Dell Inspiron 6000 battery to charge? Its new, I want to fully charge it.

How long does it take to charge the battery on the Dell Mini 9?

It takes approximately four hours to bring the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 from a dead battery to a full charge with the computer off. The charge time is increased if you use the computer while charging i... Read More »

How to Check a Dell Inspiron's Battery?

The Dell Inspiron is a laptop computer powered by a rechargeable, lithium ion battery. Time, use and temperature all have an effect on the life of your laptop battery. If you have a lower-capacity ... Read More »