How to Check the Brake Rotor Runout?

Answer The term "runout" is used to describe the amount of wobble occurring when an element rotates. In a disc braking system, the brake rotor runout must be minimized so that the brakes do not shake and ... Read More »

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How to Check a Brake Rotor?

Brake rotors should be checked at least as often as you change the brake pads and more often, if possible. Checking the brake rotors is not hard to do, but it's not something that you can do with t... Read More »

Brake Rotors Runout Specifications?

The runout of a disk brake rotor is a measure of how much the rotor wobbles as it turns. Runout is measured by placing the probe of a dial indicator against the rotor and taking readings at a minim... Read More »

The Effect of Brake Rotor Crossdrilling on Brake Cooling?

When it comes to a vehicle's performance, its ability to stop is just as important as surefooted handling and decent power. The rotors are round, disc-shaped components of the braking system. When ... Read More »

What is a brake rotor?

The rotor is one of the most important parts of a disc brake. It gives the brake pads a surface to clamp down on to stop the wheel. Disc brakes are used on cars, motorcycles and even bicycles.Histo... Read More »