How to Check the Belts on a Dyson?

Answer Dyson manufactures a line of high performance vacuums with strong suction. If the machine loses suction it might be because the belt has broken or is clogged. When this happens, the brush bar will ... Read More »

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How to Check Belts?

A broken belt is painful to the wallet; get in the habit of scoping yours out from time to time, and have all the belts changed at 60,000 miles. There should be no extra labor charge if you ask you... Read More »

How to Check Your Engine Belts?

There are two types of belts on modern vehicles. The most common is the serpentine belt, which is a single belt that is routed over and operates every pulley on the engine. The other, less common s... Read More »

How to Check and Adjust Drive Belts?

When performing scheduled maintenance on your vehicle, it's wise to check the drive belts and adjust them whenever necessary. Because proper operation is required to keep the alternator charged, wo... Read More »

How to Check and Adjust Car Drive Belts?

Most cars today utilize a single drive belt known as a serpentine belt. These belts are normally self adjusting. However, separate drive belts known as V-belts can loosen with age and slip on the p... Read More »