How to Check the Battery in an Optima?

Answer When your Optima struggles to start, loses power or the lights dim significantly when you turn the key, your car's battery may be failing. Most automotive batteries last from three to four years. T... Read More »

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How to Maintain an Optima Battery?

The Optima brand is a high-quality, efficient battery used in all types of vehicles, from commercial automobiles to marine boats to SUVs and diesel trucks. Optima batteries are 99.99 percent pure l... Read More »

Optima Battery Installation?

An Optima battery is a special type of lead-acid battery. Rather than having flat electrode plates, an Optima battery uses concentric plates. This design allows an Optima battery to recharge quickl... Read More »

Can the Optima car battery terminals be moved?

The Optima batteries come in models that have terminals located on the top, side or both. The battery terminals could in theory be relocated, but that would require opening of the battery. This cou... Read More »

How to Remove Optima Battery Stickers?

While a decal can add flair to the body of your car, it can eventually be irritating if you no longer wish to have it there or would like to sell it without the decal. Optima is a popular brand of ... Read More »