How to Check if an Item Exists in Microsoft SQL?

Answer Objects that are schema-scoped in Microsoft SQL are cataloged in the sys.objects table. You can check for the existence of items in this table using a select statement using the object_id function.... Read More »

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How to Check if an Item Exists in a List in Visual Basic?

Sometimes you need to check if an item exists in a list of items in Visual Basic during your program. Of course, manually going through the list, one item at a time, is always possible; however, Vi... Read More »

How can you activate the item allow multiple values as lookup parameter in Microsoft access at this time this item has been vanished in lookup wizard?

No the data won't delete from the iPhone unless you reset everything

How do I check if a file exists in PHP?

Create an if-else-block. Use the "file_exists" function to check if a file or directory exists before opening the file. The function takes a single parameter, a string containing the path and file ... Read More »

How to Check if Transpiration Exists in Plants?

White flower which is advisable to useAs learned in biology class, plants have the processes such as:Photosynthesis: a process by which plants prepare their own food using sunlight, water and carbo... Read More »