How to Check if Steak Is Done Using the Finger Test?

Answer Check for doneness in steak and other meats using "the finger test."

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Why do people say cooking a steak well done is wasting a steak?

It's an opinion of 'taste'.Wasting or ruining a steak by over cooking it, is just an opinion of those who like rare meat. 'Well done' tends to be tougher, and chewier, while rarer meat is often des... Read More »

How does everyone like their steak done?

How do you like your steak, rare, medium, or well done?

Rare, I actually like to taste the spices.

In a restaurant, I asked for a well done steak. When it came it was almost raw !?

After a poor meal, I too was asked if I'd enjoyed it, and I said, well if the wine had been as cold as the soup, and the chicken breast as plump as the waitress', and the salad as fresh as the wait... Read More »