How to Check if My Fuse Is Burnt Out on My Dryer?

Answer Almost all dryers have a thermal fuse, and for good reason; the fuse protects both your house and dryer in case the appliance overheats, preventing damage to your dryer and a possible fire. If the ... Read More »

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What fuse is used for dryer?

To ensure you are using the correct rating of fuse simply divide the total wattage of your appliance by 250 and round up to the closest value. For example, a 1500 watt hair dryer should be fitted w... Read More »

Where is the fuse on a Kenmore dryer?

The fuse on a Kenmore dryer is located in the back of the machine, near where the vent hose is inserted. It can be located by removing the back and looking for a small white plastic or metal bar wi... Read More »

Do It Yourself: How to Replace a Dryer Fuse?

Long gone are the days when people hung their wet clothing and linen out to dry. Nowadays, whether they visit a laundromat or wash and dry their clothes at home, homeowners use major appliances. An... Read More »

Where is the fuse on a 80 series Kenmore dryer?

The thermal fuse on the 80 series Kenmore dryer is located on the exhaust duct on the back of the dryer. By removing the back panel, you should be able to easily access the fuse.References:Applianc... Read More »