How to Check for a Valid Driver's License?

Answer An invalid drivers license is not an uncommon thing, according to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. While there are those who create fake identification, there is a completely different set... Read More »

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Can a person with a valid International Driving License but without a US drivers license get auto insurance in Texas?

Insurance in Texas Yes, but it is at the discretion of each insurer. You may have the best luck with a non standard company.

How to Tell If a Drivers License Is Valid?

Can you look at a license and tell if it's valid? Most of us never have to decide whether a driver's license is valid. Some of us have a responsibility to check ID's as part of a job. New REAL ID f... Read More »

Can you get insurance without a valid drivers license?

Answer Absolutely not. If you lied it would be FRAUD and you can do Jail time.

Where can you get auto insurance and not have a valid drivers license at that time?

You can get auto Insurance without a license. This is very common. After all, You must have insurance on the vehicle you will be driving for your test at the DMV. Most insurers will require that y... Read More »