How to Check for a Shorted Wire?

Answer Determining the source of an electrical problem is the first step in fixing it. Checking for a short in a circuit is a simple process that involves strategically eliminating the possibilities. The ... Read More »

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How to Check for a Shorted Battery Cell?

Automotive batteries contain a mixture of water and sulphuric acid in each cell. The mixture of these two substances travels around metal plates to energize the cells and transmit electrical curren... Read More »

When installing a Y-shaped electric range plug and it has places for three wires and you have a black wire white wire and a bare copper wire so which wire goes where?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service.(LIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer] Electricity is dangerous! You can be injured or killed! Improper installations can ca... Read More »

What is a shorted turn?

A shorted winding means the insulation of the winding wires is deteriorated or burned and hence the current no longer takes the designed path.A coil or a winding on a transformer is a length of wel... Read More »

What is a shorted casing?

Shorted casings occur in pipes in gas pipeline operations and are caused by corrosion of the carrier pipes. A "water short" causes a cathodic current to flow onto the pipe, permanently damaging the... Read More »