How to Check for a Shorted Battery Cell?

Answer Automotive batteries contain a mixture of water and sulphuric acid in each cell. The mixture of these two substances travels around metal plates to energize the cells and transmit electrical curren... Read More »

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How to Check for a Shorted Wire?

Determining the source of an electrical problem is the first step in fixing it. Checking for a short in a circuit is a simple process that involves strategically eliminating the possibilities. The ... Read More »

Can I replace my Dell laptop six-cell lithium-ion battery with a nine-cell?

A Dell six-cell lithium-ion battery can replace a Dell nine-cell battery in your laptop. However, the 65-watt charger that comes with the six-cell battery will not provide enough power to charge th... Read More »

How to Charge a Car Battery on a Deep Cell Battery Charger?

All internal combustion engine cars today have lead-acid batteries under the hood that are used to crank the motor and start the engine. These batteries also supply the electrical power for all of ... Read More »

Can I use the same charger for a 6-cell or 9-cell laptop battery?

A computer's charger is what powers the machine with electricity from a wall electrical socket. The battery is powered via that conduit, but the charger that fits a given computer is not related to... Read More »