How to Check for a Blocked Radiator in an Automobile?

Answer The radiator of your automobile will need regular check-ups, if it is to continue to function properly. For instance, if your automobile radiator is showing symptoms of being blocked, you must reso... Read More »

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How to Clean Out an Automobile Radiator?

Although not the most glamorous part of a vehicle, the radiator is one of its most important components. The radiator, along with the water pump, is responsible for keeping the engine within its op... Read More »

Who invented the automobile radiator?

Karl Friedrich Benz, a German who lived from 1844 to1929, is said to have invented the automobile radiator. He also invented the first car that was gas-powered by an internal combustion engine.Sour... Read More »

DIY Automobile Radiator Repair?

Radiators on newer vehicles are made of aluminum and have plastic tanks that are held to the aluminum using compression. The compression can, over time, become loose and the radiator will leak from... Read More »

How to Stop a Leak in an Automobile Radiator?

Years of exposure to road salts, debris and chemical reactions cause radiator leaks. So, mileage is less of a factor in radiator deterioration than age, but a stone flying up from the road can star... Read More »