How to Check for a Bad CV Joint?

Answer Constant Velocity Joints, or CV joints, provide greater smoothness than universal joints in the drivelines of vehicles. Unlike universal joints, CV joints can resolve drive-axle torque through une... Read More »

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What Is a Joint Check Agreement?

In many business fields, a joint-check agreement is needed in order to ensure that all parties are properly paid for work they perform. For example, if a person hires a construction firm that subco... Read More »

How to Stop Payment of a Check With a Single Signature on a Joint Account?

Placing a stop payment on a check prevents the depositor from negotiating the check. If the depositor deposits the check in their own account it will be denied by the bank. In the case of a joint a... Read More »

How come so many doctors view temporomandibular joint dysfunction TMJ as a psychiatric problem when all it is is a jaw joint dislocation?

AnswerUnfortunatly not all doctors or dentist know enough about TMJ to come with the correct diagnosis.If a doctor tells you that you have psychiatric problems, the best thing is consult someone else.

My left knee joint moved leftis it joint disallocation?

Ok. Listen sometimes life throws us a curveball. I think you just got one. Your best bet is to use the RICE treatment. Stay off of it for 3 to 5 days as much as you can. Read More »