How to Check for Warped Brake Rotors?

Answer One of the most vital components of your vehicle's braking system is its rotors. When you apply the brake pedal, you effectively engage a hydraulic system that compresses the vehicle's brake pads a... Read More »

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Causes of Warped Brake Rotors?

Brake rotors are like almost any other vehicle mechanical part in that they are susceptible to damage. Although not a routine source of major mechanical problems, brake rotors can become damaged or... Read More »

What are the causes of warped brake rotors?

Brake rotors play an important role in a car's brake system. Properly functioning brake rotors provide smooth and effortless stopping. However, brake rotors can become warped, negatively affecting ... Read More »

How to Tell If My Rear Brake Rotors Are Warped?

Rotors are key components of a car's braking system. When you press the brake pedal, fluid passes through the brake lines and presses against your car's brake pads. These pads squeeze the rotor, w... Read More »

How to Check Brake Rotors With a Magnetic Dial Indicator?

The disk brakes on today's automobiles are very effective and reliable. From time to time, however, problems can occur. One such problem is a brake judder. This is a vibration in the brakes that is... Read More »