How to Check for Syllables in a Word?

Answer Syllables are the vowel sounds in any English word. Sometimes a syllable will consist of a single letter and other times it will be a diphthong, a sound consisting of more than one vowel. In either... Read More »

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How many syllables in the word lounge?

How many syllables are in the word azaleas?

The word "azaleas" has three syllables. The syllable break down is a-zel-eas, with the accent on the second syllable. The word "azalea" comes from the Greek and was first used in English in the mid... Read More »

How many syllables are in the word condominium?

How to Figure Out How Many Syllables in a Word?

Syllables are collections of sounds that make up words. These building blocks of language consist of uninterrupted sounds composed of a vowel sound or a vowel and consonant sound combination. Count... Read More »