How to Check for Play in an Idler Arm?

Answer If your vehicle uses a serpentine belt to drive accessories like the AC compressor, the power steering pump, the alternator and the water pump, it likely has an idler pulley to keep tension on the ... Read More »

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How to Check for Play in a Mustang Idler Arm?

The 1965 to 1973 Ford Mustang used a conventional parallelogram steering system that consisted of tie rods, a center link, pitman arm and an idler arm. The idler arm supports the passenger side of ... Read More »

How do you check how much 3g you've used on the xperia play?

Yes its an android and congrats for the phone its the best..

How to Check all Play Boxes in iTunes?

If you're having trouble playing multiple songs in iTunes, it may be because the little checkboxes next to each of the songs have become unchecked.

How to Check for Play in a 2 Stroke Crank Without Dismantling the Engine?

A quick way to tell if the bearings are definitely shot.Not foolproof but worth doing anyway.