How to Check for Leaks on a Kenmore Washer 11082891110?

Answer If you notice water leaking from your top-loading Kenmore washer, you should find the source of the leak as soon as possible. Water on the floor is a safety hazard, and you also want to find and fi... Read More »

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How to Check Belts on a Kenmore Washer?

Kenmore washing machines come in a wide range of models, ranging from extra large capacity to standard size. Each model is equipped with a motor and pulley system that relies on a drive belt to kee... Read More »

How to Check the Suspension Wires on a Kenmore Oasis HE Washer?

The tub of the top-load Kenmore Oasis washing machine is supported by several suspension wires to keep it from moving around during a wash. Broken wires are often accompanied by thumping sounds and... Read More »

Specifications for a Kenmore Washer 700?

The Kenmore 700 washer features sound insulation designed to reduce the amount of audible noise it generates when operated. This top-load washer model has a white color finish accented by a silver ... Read More »

How to Rebalance a Kenmore Washer?

A washing machine walking around the laundry room under its own power is a sure sign of an imbalanced condition. If the load bunches up on one side of the tub, the momentum created during the spin ... Read More »