How to Check for Keystroke Loggers?

Answer Keystroke loggers are becoming more common. Keystroke loggers come in two types: hardware loggers that physically attach to your computer, and software loggers that are programs which run on your c... Read More »

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How to Scan for Keystroke Loggers?

Computer key loggers are generally malicious programs that record user keystrokes. However, they can also be used for legitimate purposes, such as for monitoring Internet usage in the workplace. In... Read More »

How do I scan for keystroke loggers?

Run your FirewallRun or access your firewall if you have one. If not, download and install a firewall. "ZoneAlarm " is a free firewall. (See Resources.)Visually Scan Running ProgramsScan through th... Read More »

Can Spybot detect keystroke loggers?

SpyBot Search & Destroy software can detect keyloggers who log information about a user's online habits, in addition to other forms of malware that monitor a user's online activity without the user... Read More »

Where are data loggers used?

On One Hand: The Food IndustryThe food industry has a large need for data loggers, which are electronic handheld devices used in this industry for a variety of functions, such as keeping records of... Read More »