How to Check for Fan Belt Deflection?

Answer The belt or belts on your vehicle supply power to the engine accessories, including the alternator, power steering pump and water pump. To work properly without slipping, the belts must be tight on... Read More »

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What Is Belt Deflection?

Most every car, whether it be a manual or automatic transmission, has a serpentine belt, which can also be called an alternator belt. The serpentine belt turns the car's alternator, transforming ga... Read More »

What is a power deflection box?

A power deflection box is a device that is used to deflect and detour charged particles when they are present in an electrical field. The power deflection box uses a series of deflecting plates in ... Read More »

What is concrete slab deflection?

Concrete slab deflection is the bowing or curving of a slab due to gravity, structural loads or pressure from the ground below. All slabs deflect slightly, but stronger slabs counter the loads infl... Read More »

How to Calculate Tension & Deflection in a Rod?

When designing a structure such as a building or a bridge, it is important to understand the many forces that are applied to the structural elements such as beams and rods. Two especially important... Read More »