How to Check for Air Flow Problems in Attic Ducts?

Answer Many houses have ventilation ducts running through the attic that move air from one place in the house to another. These ducts may have problems that can cause air flow difficulties, limiting the c... Read More »

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How to Get Good Attic Air Flow?

To get good attic air flow, use vents, as vents allow outside air to keep the attic cool in the winter to prevent common weather problems such as an ice dam that harms the roof. Vents also remove e... Read More »

Mold Problems in the Attic?

Mold growth presents a health hazard in some cases, but any evidence of mold in a house is an indication of excessive moisture that needs to be corrected. Mold problems in the attic lead to damage ... Read More »

Air Flow Sensor Problems?

In today's modern cars, numerous sensors have been required by the federal government to ensure that vehicles pass certain emissions standards. One of these sensors is the mass airflow sensor, also... Read More »

How to Check Your Air Flow Meter?

The air flow meter, or mass air flow sensor, measures the amount of air traveling through the air intake system. Since this air will eventually make its way into the engine's combustion chamber, th... Read More »