How to Check for 3Ware on Linux?

Answer 3ware is a RAID card manufacturer presently owned by the LSI Corporation. RAID is a method of combining hard drives together to increase speed, fault tolerance or both. 3ware offers Linux software ... Read More »

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How to Check Linux Distribution?

Do you want to find out what your Linux distribution is and information about it? Read on.

How to Check Time in Linux?

Use the GNU utility, date. Check 'date --help' or 'man date' for all of the options, which are too numerous to list here. With no parameters, this utility will display the day of the week, the mont... Read More »

How to Check the CPU Usage on Linux?

Linux is an operating system initially released in 1994. It was developed based on the UNIX operating system. Linux is freely available on the Internet and is an alternative to UNIX and Microsoft o... Read More »

How to Check the Free Memory in Linux?

Linux operating systems manage a computer's memory very differently from MS-DOS or Windows. This often proves confusing for users who are more accustomed to the simplified interface seen in Microso... Read More »