How to Check an Evinrude Stator?

Answer If your Evinrude outboard boat motor will not start and you have ruled out obvious problems like a dead battery, you can run a simple test on your motor's stator. This is a part of the rotor system... Read More »

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How to Check a Stator for an Electrical Current?

A stator, essentially, is a roll of charging coils used to generate power inside of an engine and pass the power along to a battery. However, stators are prone to an array of problems, like shorts ... Read More »

How to Change a Virago Stator?

If you are having problems with your battery charging correctly on your Yamaha Virago motorcycle, you may need to change the stator. The stator is a stationary element of your alternator, or electr... Read More »

How to Test an Alternator Stator?

All vehicles have a component called an alternator or generator that uses a diode, rectifier, stator and rotor to produce electricity. The alternator assists in running the vehicle accessories and ... Read More »

How to Replace a VT700 Stator?

The VT-700 Shadow is a cruiser-style motorcycle manufactured by Honda. Honda introduced the Shadow in 1983 in an attempt to meet market needs for a good, solid street cruiser. The Shadow fit that b... Read More »