How to Check an EGR Valve on a 1995 Camry?

Answer The EGR valve works as part of the overall EGR system to push exhaust gases back into the intake manifold in order to lower combustion temperatures. This reduces emissions. A clogged or damaged EGR... Read More »

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How much is an IAC valve for a 1995 Toyota Camry?

The cost of a 1995 Toyota Camry Idle Air Control (IAC) valve depends on where you buy it. TNA Auto Parts sells it for as little as $120, while at Auto Parts Warehouse, it costs $209.95. Prices are ... Read More »

How to Check the Fuel Pressure on a 1995 Camry?

The fuel injection system on a 1995 Toyota Camry is managed by the powertrain control module, or PCM. The PCM collects data from various sensors throughout the vehicle and uses this information to ... Read More »

How do I Check the Fuel Pump of a 1995 2.2 Camry?

The 1995 Toyota Camry LE coupe came equipped with a 3.0 liter six cylinder engine. It also came included with several standard features including power brakes, cruise control, power steering, tinte... Read More »

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