How to Check an EGR Valve for a Honda Accord?

Answer The exhaust gas recirculation valve, or EGR valve, recirculates the exhaust gases back into the engine for a more complete burn. A plunger mechanism opens and closes to allow the gases to circulate... Read More »

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Symptoms of a Bad EGR Valve in a '92 Honda Accord?

The EGR valve in a 1992 Honda Accord is designed to direct some of the exhaust gases into the vehicle’s intake manifold. The reintroduction of some of the exhaust gases helps lower the temperatur... Read More »

How to Clean the EGR Valve in a Honda Accord?

The EGR valve on the Honda Accord sits on top of the intake manifold at the rear of the engine. It introduces unburned exhaust gas back into the cylinders to help cool the cylinders and to reduce t... Read More »

How to Locate the PCV Valve on a '96 Honda Accord?

The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve is a one-way valve which helps remove gasses from the crankcase of a vehicle's engine. This helps the engine run more efficiently thereby reducing ex... Read More »

How to Install an EGR Valve on a 2002 Honda Accord?

The 2002 Honda Accord uses the exhaust gas recirculation valve to reduce oxides of nitrogen, which when released from the tailpipe to the atmosphere form hydrocarbons. It mixes with naturally formi... Read More »