How to Check an Auto Battery Voltage With a DMM?

Answer Automobile batteries are the foundation of an automotive electrical system. The battery serves as the electrical grounding source, as well as providing the automobile with electrical starting power... Read More »

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How to Check the Battery Voltage With a DMM?

Several terms are associated with checking a lead-acid storage battery. "Surface charge" refers to the charge that builds up on the outer surface of the battery's positive plate or "anode." The sur... Read More »

How to Check Car Battery Voltage With a DMM?

An automotive battery provides electrical energy for vehicle starting, and serves as the electrical return (also known as "ground") for the entire electrical system. Since the battery plays such an... Read More »

How to Disable Low Voltage Sensor Auto Battery Chargers?

A low-voltage sensor on an automotive battery charger is intended to be a safety feature that prevents the battery charger from damage due to overheating. Since the sensor is integrated into the ch... Read More »

How to Check Voltage Loss on a 12-Volt DC Battery?

Twelve-volt batteries are used in automotive, marine and "off-the-grid" electrical applications. Most 12-volt batteries are lead-acid secondary cells and can provide high electrical current for a s... Read More »