How to Check a Water Heater Element?

Answer An electric hot water heater generally contains two heating elements. One is located near the top of the hot water heater while the other is near the bottom. The heating elements work by heating th... Read More »

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You just changed the heating element in your water heater and hours later it is still cold you checked the breaker and that's ok Is there something else you need to check or can do?

When a heating element or a light bulb "goes bang" it often causes a fuse to blow somewhere in the circuit. A fuse can blow even if a breaker on the main panel trips, which often happens because wh... Read More »

Replaced heating element in electric water heater, still no hot water?

if everything is connected properly - there should be a reset button somewhere by the thermostat. You may have to punch it.I'm sure that you've already flipped the panel switch? I don't mean to sou... Read More »

How do I change a hot water heater element?

Drain the Hot Water Heater TankTurn off the electricity or gas to the hot water heater as well as the cold water supply to the tank. Connect a drain hose or garden hose to the drain valve at the bo... Read More »

How do I know if a hot water heater element needs to be replaced?

Testing a Hot Water Heater ElementTest a water heater element to determine if it requires replacement. Turn off the power to the water heater at the breaker box. Remove the access panel to the elem... Read More »