How to Check a Valve Gasket?

Answer The steps necessary to check a valve cover gasket are in most part the same steps that would be needed for replacing the gasket. Some of the same tools will be necessary. The valve cover gasket is ... Read More »

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Your plumber replaced your defective effluent pump without installing a check valve There is a lot of effluent coming back into the pump pit. Should you ask him to install a check valve or not?

DIY E36 Valve Cover Gasket?

As an automobile like the Mercedes E36 ages, it becomes difficult to locate replacement parts. Simple parts such as valve cover gaskets are easy to locate on most domestic vehicles but can cost yo... Read More »

How to Replace the Valve Gasket on a Toilet?

If a toilet is leaking water underneath where the water supply line connects to the flush valve, the problem is probably a bad gasket. The gasket is a small, round rubber piece which sits between t... Read More »

How to Replace Valve Cover Gasket?

The valve cover on your vehicle protects the upper half of your engine, called the engine head, from external contaminates. It also keeps the engine oil inside the engine so that the oil can proper... Read More »