How to Check a Tire for Balance?

Answer Performing a balance service on your tires is crucial to prolonging the life of the tires. Balancing also makes your car drive more smoothly; when your tires are out of balance, your car becomes ha... Read More »

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Tire Balance Safety?

Tire balancing plays a very important role in vehicle safety and maintenance. According to the experts at the Tire Rack website, tire balancing uniformly distributes the mass of the tire when it is... Read More »

How to Spin Balance a Tire?

Spin balancing uses a computerized mechanism to alter the distribution of mass on a tire. When an unbalanced tire rotates, the uneven weight can cause wobbling that increases with speed. A spin-bal... Read More »

An Explanation of Tire Balance Numbers?

When you take your vehicle to have new tires put on, the wheels must be balanced to the tires. Tire balancing requires a certain amount of weight to be applied to a specific area of the wheel. Whee... Read More »

How to Balance a Racing Go Kart Tire?

The importance of balancing your go kart racing tires can not be overstated. Most people wouldn't even consider putting a tire on their car or truck that has not been balanced. Yet some of those sa... Read More »